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At Lunch Time Shopper, we have the largest selection of Antiques on the web including Asian antiques, maps, manuscripts, books, jewelry, furniture, musical instruments, rugs and more. Top products here include Oak Bookcases, Antique Painting, Persian Rug, Antique Bible, Antiquities, European Antique, Antique Barber Chairs, Antique Picture Frames, Spinning Wheel and Mid Century Antiques.

Antiquities Jug
Antiquities - Byzantine to South Italian

Antiquities is a term for items or objects from the civilizations of the Mediterranean such as Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt and Near Eastern cultures.

Including in this Antiquities category are items from The Americas, Byzantine, Celtic, Egyptian, Far Eastern, the Holy Land, Islamic, Neolithic & Paleolithic, South Italian and Viking.

Antique Lock
Architectural & Garden

At Lunch Time Shopper you can find a handpicked collection of antique, custom made and antique garden and architectural items.

Popular items include antique locks, balusters, ceiling tins, chandeliers, lighting fixtures, columns & posts, fireplaces & mantels, hardware, plumbing, signs, stained glass windows, antique tiles, windows, sashes & locks and weathervanes & lightning rods.

Antique Asian Jade Horse
Asian Antiques - Burma to Tibet

Explore our assortment of Asian Antique furniture and collectibles at great prices. At Lunch Time Shopper we have some of the finest Asian antiques collections online. Items like Chinese vases, jade, snuff bottles, ivory, ox bone and incense burners.

Find Asian Antiques from Burma, China, Tibet, India, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Mongolia and Southeast Asia.

Antique Books
Antiques Books and Manuscripts

Find tons of new and used Antique Books and Collectibles Books at great wholesale and retail prices.

Books & Manuscripts categories include American, Asian, English, European and Middle Eastern

Antique Figurine
Antiques Decorative Arts

Decorative Arts are traditionally used to define attractive and practical works in ceramic, glass, metal, textile and wood. The Decorative Arts field often includes architecture, furniture, furnishings and interior design items.

The term Decorative Arts is used to separate these items from the fine arts such as paintings. The movement was at its height between 1880 and 1930. After 1930 in some area's of the world it is called Arts and Crafts.

Antique African Mask

Antique Ethnographic arts usually includes painting, sculpture, masks, statues, pottery or jewelry and be organized by cultural themes. Ethnographic collections are usually collected and organized by a cultural researchers such as Anthropologist, Folklorist or Ethnomusicologist.

Ethnographic categories include African, Latin American, Native American and items from the Pacific Islands & Oceania.

Antique French Walnut Armoire
Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture collectors use pieces in their home because they love the unique look. Old furniture that has been restored or in very good condition will hold their value or possibly appreciate in value over time.

Antique furniture includes dining tables, hall trees, desk, secretaries, chairs, cabinets, armoires and bed room sets.

Antique Stove
Home and Hearth

Our Home and Hearth Category carries unique antique products for home decor such as baby carriages & buggies, baby cradles, bath tubs, clothing wringers, hearth ware, ice boxes, meat grinders, sinks, stoves, toasters, trivets and washing machines.

Antique linen
Linens and Textiles

Early linens were made with a natural process from vegetable fibers such as flax or hemp. Unfortunately, good linens have not been produced since the 1950s and very little top quality linen is produced today. However, it is still possible to find antique linen.

Linens & Textiles include bed & bath linens, embroidery, handkerchiefs, kitchen & table linens, lace, crochet & doilies, pillows, quilts and tapestries.

Antique Globe Map
Maps, Atlases and Globes

The skill of map making is called Cartography. Antique Maps are usually 100 years old were made by cutting the map into wooden blocks, inking the wood and pressing the relief onto paper. Later Cartographers used metal plates made of copper and steel to produce there maps.

A third process involved surface printing, or lithography where the artist would draw directly onto a prepared stone, eliminating the need for relief engravers. This method was used with numerous colors and stones, causing maps to be more intricate and colorful.

Antique Sextant
Maritime Antique

Maritime Antiques can include navigational instruments such as sextants, compasses and telescopes. Also sailing paraphernalia such as ships wheels, anchors, bells & whistles, portholes, diving helmets and harpoons.

Hand carved pieces are very popular, especially those made by sailors while out at sea. These items include hand carved scrimshaw, "sailor's valentines" created using sea shells and hand woven baskets.

Antique National Cash Register
Mercantile, Trades & Factories

In this remarkable category call Mercantile, Trades & Factories the seller find old discarded items used in the trades industry and the collector old well used items that are used in the decor of his house or business.

Categories in Mercantile, Trades & Factories include Barber Chairs, Binding, Embossing & Printing, Cash Register, Adding Machines, Display Cases, Industrial Molds, Safes & Still Banks, Scales, Typewriters and many other interesting items.

Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments

You can find all sorts of Antique Musical Instruments at Lunch Time Shopper. Categories include Pre 1930 musical instruments, brass instruments, keyboards, percussion, string, wind, reproductions and price guides & publications.

The most popular items here are string instruments such as the violin, banjo, guitar, mandolin and lute guitar.

Periods and Styles Scupture
Periods and Styles

Periods & Styles includes the Aesthetic Movement, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts Movement, Mid-Century Modernism and Victorian.

The Art Nouveau style was developed in the 1880s and 1890s. Arts and Crafts was a movement that flourished between 1860 and 1910. The Art Deco style was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Aesthetic Movement is an art movement with emphasis of aesthetic values and was prominent in Europe during the 19th century.


Today's Primitive Antiques are defined by individual cultures. Primitives, typically from the South can also be categorized as folk art and were created between the late 1800s and 1940s. American primitive furniture, signs and folk art antiques offer charm and character and make great decor items.

The key factor that all primitive antiques share is that they are very rustic and traditionally made by the people who used them.

Antique Rugs and Carpet
Antique Rugs and Carpet

Antique Rugs and Carpet date back more than 2,500 years ago to ancient Persia. Persian (Iran) weavers used wool and cotton to make rugs dyed with elegant combinations of colors using natural vegetable dyes. These rugs and carpets are so durable that many exist today.

Modern rug making has been largely industrialized, so these early hand made rugs and carpets are even more valuable to antique collectors. You can find antique rugs here.

Antique Electric Schock Machine
Science and Medicine

Pre 1930 Antique Scientific and Medical Instruments and Equipment include Apothecary & Pharmaceutical, Dentistry, Engineering, Medicine, Mining, Optical and Scientific Instruments.

You can find here antique surveyor's transits, barometers, doctor bags, medical engravings, old medicine bottles, surgical instruments, mortar and pestles, old eyeglasses and more.

Antique Singer Sewing Machine
Pre-1930 Sewing

Antique Sewing categories include sewing (Pre-1930), baskets & boxes, buttons, furniture, needles & cases, patterns, pin cushions, sewing machines, sewing machine parts, spools & thread, thimbles, tools, scissors & measures plus price guides & publications.

Popular antique sewing machines include Singer, Eldridge, Foley & Williams, Faultless, Atlas, Wilcox Gibbs, Domestic Treadle, White, Standard, Elias Howe Jr. and Winselman Titan.

Antique Silver

A great place to buy Sterling Silver (.925), Coin Silver (.900), Silver Alloys (.800-.899) and Silver-plate plus Non-U. S. Silver.

Types of Silver items that can be found include - Ash Trays, Baskets, Bottles, Decanters & Flasks, Bowls, Boxes, Brushes & Grooming Sets, Butter Dishes, Candlesticks & Candelabras, Card Cases, Cigarette & Vesta Cases, Creamers & Sugar Bowls, Cups & Goblets, Dishes & Coasters, Flatware - Forks, Flatware - Knives, Flatware - Serving Pieces, Flatware - Sets, Flatware - Spoons, Napkin Rings & Clips, Pitchers & Jugs, Plates & Chargers, Platters & Trays, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Salt Cellars, Sauce Boats, Souvenir Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Tea/Coffee Pots & Sets, Thimbles, Vases & Urns, Vinaigrettes

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