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Arctophile or Arctophily is Teddy Bear Collecting

A Collector's Guide To Teddy Bears by Judith Miller

Arctophile or Arctophily is the hobby of Teddy Bear Collecting. Teddy Bear or Bear collecting is a hobby enjoyed by many folks all over the world.

For some bear collectors it started with the first teddy bear they got a child. For others it was that soft mohair bear they found in a flea market or antique store. What ever the reason, Arctophily can be enjoyed by everyone.

For the last 50 years teddy bear collecting has achieved a fairly serious standing as a leisure pursuit. Even acquiring the Greek name of Arctophily or Arctophile which is a word derived from the Greek "Arctos" (bear) and "Philos" (love).

Arctophily is a pastime for both children and adults and can be approached on different levels according to your means.

Some collectors concentrate on antique bears, Bear Artists bears or modern limited editions. Other collect cheap secondhand teddy bears. Still others collect just about anything that features teddy bears such as silverware, china, cookie wrappers, postage stamps or buttons.

To find collectible bears or bear memorabilia try on line auction such as Teddy Bears on eBay. Auctions are one of the better sources for any Teddy Bear. It's important that you learn the names or kinds of teddy bears which are most collectible. Flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, antique stores and estate sales are a great place to find that old teddy bear.

If you are attracted to collecting antique or vintage teddy bears, make sure that you have a good working knowledge about the exact bears that you are looking for. You should also investigate clubs geared toward the teddy bear collectors. Check out the B.E.A.R. Collector's Club, Capers and Teddies International Club, The Bialosky Treasury Collectors Club, Good Bears of the World or the Inland Empire Teddy Bear Club. Many of these clubs have newsletters that can provide you with some valuable information about your collecting interest.

1909 Clifford K. Berryman Cartoon

Clifford K. Berryman Cartoon

Popular Teddy Bear Collecting Books

  • A Collector's Guide to Teddy Bears - Author: Judith Miller - ISBN: 9781554077779
  • Bing Bears and Toys With Price Guide - Author: Ken Yenke - ISBN: 0764311158
  • Teddy Bear Identification and Price Guide - Author: Edith Koskinen, Johan Koskinen - ISBN: 0912823836
  • Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals: Hermann Teddy Original - Author: Milton R. Friedberg - ISBN: 0764309331
  • The Historical Teddy Bear, With Price Guide - Author: Dee Hockenberry - ISBN: 076431999X
  • Images of America: Gund - Author: Bruce S. Raiffe, Alex Baron Raiffe - ISBN: 9780738537108
  • Care Bears Collectibles: An Unauthorized Handbook & Price Guide - Author: Jan Lindenberger - ISBN: 0764303104
  • Steiff Bears and Other Playthings Past and Present - Author: Dee Hockenberry - ISBN: 0764311204
  • Boyds Tracker Resin Second Edition - Volume 2 of 2 - Author: Bangzoom - ISBN: 0972864652
  • Steiff Price Guide: Dolls, Teddy Bears, Animals - Author: Edith Koskinen, Johan Koskinen - ISBN: 0912823844
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