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Battery Operated Tin Toys

Battery Operated Tin Toys

Thousands of colorful, playful tin toys were produced in the late 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Among the most popular are the battery operated toys.

The heyday of battery operated toys began in the 1940s, in Japan after World War II ended. Popular wind up and friction toys were soon replaced with longer lasting battery operated versions.

The ingenuity of the Japanese created some truly unique novelty toys, valued today for their motion, design and humorous appeal.

Battery operated toys were designed with a variety of creative characters from Popeye the sailor to Cragstan the Great Astronaut Robot to Blinky the Clown. Disney creations and other cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Toy Store's Woody, Mr. Potato Head and Little Mermaid are also popular.

Battery Operated Tin Toys were often complex and could replicate several motions, such as walking, lifting or drumming. Tin lithography was usually quite interesting, colorful and detailed. Manufacture of Battery Operated Tin Toys dropped of in the late 1960s in favor of cheaper methods and materials.

It is very difficult to identfy most Battery Operated Tin Toy manufacturers as many companies used only initials to mark their toys and some did not mark them at all. Major manufacturers of battery operated tin toys in the 1940s thru the 1960s included Alps, Asahi Toy, Bandal, Linemar, Marusan, Marx and Modern Toy.

Battery Operated Robot Tin Toy

Cragstan Great Astronaut Battery Operated Toy

Space related Battery Operated Tin Toys are the most popular. Toys in mint condition in orginal boxes are hard to find and worth more. Having the original boxes greatly increases value of just about any toy including Tin Toys. Battery operated toys are prone to rust and corrosion in the the battery boxes and are worht less if not working. How complex a Battery Operated Tin Toy is also determines their value and toys with three or more actions are worth even more.

Battery Operated Tin Toys

Bubbling Bull Battery Operated Toy

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