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The Language Of Dolls

Art Doll
Art Doll

The Language of Dolls is a specialized vocabulary sometime called doll talk. This language is used by doll artist, dealers, experts and collectors to classify the many types of dolls including distinguishing features, design and material that help to identify them. The following are important "Doll Words" that you should know when collecting or selling.

Art Doll
A doll modeled on an artist's illustration or painting. Also a handcrafted doll designed by an artist.

Baby Doll
A doll made to look like a baby with short neck, large head and rounded torso, legs and arms.

Ball Joint
A joint consisting of 2 concave parts that are connected with elastic or springs with a ball between them to allow the limbs to move.

Unglazed porcelain baby doll heads tinted or painted.

Bonnet Doll
A doll with a hat or bonnet molded as part of the doll head. Sometimes called a hated doll.

Boudoir Doll
A large doll intended for decoration of an adult's bedroom and not made for children's play.

Celebrity Doll
A doll modeled to imitate the appearance of a well known person in entertainment or society. Also known as a portrait doll.

Character Doll
A doll modeled after a live individual usually a baby or child.

Glazed porcelain usually pure white used in the construction of antique baby heads and bodies.

Cloth Body Dolls
A doll made with a body of cloth with the head made of China.

A combination of materials usually sawdust or wood pulp combine with glue that is molded into bodies and heads before it is allowed to harden.

Fashion Doll
A doll dressed to illustrate current fashion.

Flirting Eyes
A name given to dolls with eyes that move from side to side. Also called flirty eyes.

Frozen Charlotte
A one piece immobile doll also known as an immobile, pillar doll or bathing baby.

Jointed Body
A Doll body having some mobile parts such as head or limbs.

Lady Doll
A doll made to look like an adult women in face and figure.

Mask Face
A face made of cloth stiffened with wax.

Mechanical Doll
A doll made to move with a mechanical or electrical mechanism.

Molded Hair
A hair style suggested by three dimensional molding and paint rather than a wig.

Molded Teeth
Teeth molded as part of the head.

Open Mouth
A mouth molded with parted lips with an opening into the head, as opposed to open closed mouth. A mouth molded with parted lips but with no opening into the head itself.

Paperweigth Eyes
Realistic looking glass eyes that have heavy, clear corneas so that the colored irises are visible from the side thus giving the impression that the eyes are moving as the vierer moves.

Paper Mache
A mixture of paper pulp, glue and starch that can be shaped or molded before it hardens.

The crown of a doll's head. Pates usually have a hole through which the eyes are inserted.

Peg Joint
A kind of joint that uses in carpentry and known as mortise and tenon.

Peg Wooden
A carved doll of solid wood with face and shoes painted. This allowed peg woodens to move. Also called a Dutch doll.

Portrait Doll
A doll made to imitate the appearance especially facial characteristcs of a rear person.

Poured Wax
A solid or nearly solid head made by pouring wax into a mold.

Rag Doll
A doll made entirely of cloth and mass produced. Also called a cloth dool.

Springfield Doll
A jointed wooden doll made in Springfield, Vermont.

Description of a paper mache composition or wooden doll coated with wax.

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