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There is an absolute links between Health and Beauty. Lunch Time Shopper is a popular health and beauty site and a great place to buy brand name cosmetics, make-up, perfume, skin care, body lotion and bath products. Anti aging creams and moisturizers help keep your skin look great and performing at its best. Without the proper hair care products to protect your hair from the sun it will dry out further and cause color to fade. Today's men and women understand the connection between taking care of their bodies and its importance of maintaining natural beauty.

bath Body
Bath & Body

Bath and Body products are among the most popular gift options you can find including that special gift for yourself.

Popular products include body lotions, body creams, body wash, body butter, bubble bath, shower gels, foot care, hand care and fragrance mist. We have a large selection of hand made soap.


Looking for the perfect perfume or cologne? It is the ideal time to discover a new fragrance from Lunch Time Shopper and at a price you can afford.

Fine here the most fashionable Fragrances for the fall, winter, spring and summer. From Chanel Coco Mademoiselle to a $22,000 bottle of Dolce & Gabbana "The One".

Hair Care & Salon
Hair Care & Salon

To bring out the best in any haircut or new style proper Hair Care is a required. At Lunch Time Shopper we have the hair care products needed to keep your hair soft and strong.

The hair shampoo and hair conditioner should be chosen based on your hair length, hair type and other products you use.

Makeup and Eye Lash Extensions
Makeup and Eye Lash Extensions

Makeup has been used since the beginning of time and at Lunch Time Shopper we have some of the best on the market from five star producers.

Make up used today is much more skin friendly. Makeup found here include face powders, foundations, and eye shadows and contain friendly chemicals for those with sensitive skin,

Nail Polish
Nail Care & Polish

Whether you have your nails done by a professional or do your nails in the comfort of your home, Nail Care is important for men and women. However, at Lunch Time Shopper you will find all the items you will need at a great price.

The process of a manicure or pedicure, removal of polish, trimming of nails, and cuticle maintenance should not take no more than 15 minutes a week.

Shaving & Hair Removal
Shaving & Hair Removal

There are two different common methods of Hair Removal, blades or electric shavers. Shaving is by far the most simplest method of hair removal and electric razors are faster and safer.

Find electric clippers, electric trimmers, electric Epilators, Electrolysis, Laser hair removal and Waxing Supplies.

Skin Care
Skin Care

At Lunch Time Shopper you will find the acne treatment products, anti-aging products, moisturizers and sun care protection you will need at the lowest price plus free shipping.

Popular Skin Care products include Olay anti-aging, Estee Lauder eye cleaners, Mary Kay makeup remover and Neutrogena sun care.

Tanning Beds & Lamps
Tanning Beds & Lamps

Millions of Americans are tanning indoors in Tanning Beds every year and there are nearly 25,000 tanning salons around the country. Sunscreen is still recommended for use with tanning beds.

At Lunch Time Shopper you can purchase a complete tanning bed, tanning bed bulbs, tanning bed Starters, sun lamps, face tanner, UV eye protection and tanning lotions.

Tattoos and Body Art
Tattoos and Body Art

Tattoos and Body Art are very popular today and is a time honored tradition that has roots in many ancient civilizations. Safety issues should always be considered when getting a tattoo.

Temporary Tattoos can be found here. However, if you are looking for Piercing Supplies & Kits, Tattoo Machines & Guns and Tattoo Supplies you can find them here at Lunch Time Shopper and at a great price.

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