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Our large Book & Magazine category has fiction books, nonfiction books, textbooks, antiquarian books, children books and magazines. At Lunch Time Shopper we make buying books and back issue magazines simple and fun. Find wholesale lots, celebrity signed and 1st Edition books here fast.

Antique Books
Antique, Antiquarian & Collectible Books

Antiquarian books are by defined as old. However, Antique books and Antiquarian books are more than old books with delicate spines and pages. Antiquarian books represent the history of one of man's greatest achievement the printed word and should be priceless treasures.

On the other hand, Price does depends on the author, subject matter and just how much a collector is willing to pay. First printings are typically the more valuable.


An Audiobook is a recording of any printed book and is not necessarily an exact version of a printed book. Audiobooks became popular in the 1980s when they began attract book retailers. At first they were intended to help blind adults who couldn't read print.

Producing an audio book consists of a narrator sitting in a recording booth reading the text of a book. Books are a very popular category here at Lunch Time shopper due to there very low cost.

Sears Catalog
Old Catalogs

Old Catalogs are one of the more fun areas of book collecting. Whatever your interests may be, there are certainly old catalogs that were printed related to your collecting interest. The best place to find Old Catalogs is here at Lunch Time Shopper.

Popular topics include Agriculture, Art & Exhibitions, Auction, Coin Catalogs, Clothing & Fashion, Department Stores, Music & Instruments, Owner's Manuals and Toys & Hobbies. My personal favorite is the novelty catalogs featuring toys, trade stimulators, slot machines and gambling divices.

Popular Childrens Books
Popular Children's Books

Children's Books are not only entertaining but they are also one of the most valuable tools available to develop their minds and keep the young engaged. Studies have repeatedly shown that children who read at an early age are far more likely to do well in school and succeed as adults. Children's books also help shape the moral judgment of a child.

With Children's Books the language is simple, the print is large, and the pages are usually bright and appealing. Classic children's stories have been enjoyed for generations and can be found here.

Popular Cook Books
Popular Cookbooks

The number of Cookbooks on the market in recent years has exploded. Cookbooks are typically categorized by type of food such as French, Italian, Mexican, American and my favorite Cajun cooking. Cooking topic include baking, basic cooking & reference, community recipe collections and healthy & special diets.

Presentation has become as much a part of food as the cooking itself and many cook books will be illustrated to show you just what your final result should look like. Many cook books also suggest appetizers, deserts and wines.

Fiction and Literature Books
Fiction and Literature Books

Books that are made up by the author are not true and are considered fiction. Fiction is the form of any work that deals with information or events that are not factual, imaginary and theoretical. Book of fiction contrasts with non-fiction books, which deals exclusively with factual events, descriptions or observations.

Literature may consist of texts based on factual information and known as creative nonfiction.

Magazine Back Issues
Magazine Back Issues

An old magazine back issue is not just a magazine, but a collectible. Some Magazine Back Issues are available from the publisher. This is clearly not the case with magazines that are no longer in print and why they are considered collectible.

The following is a list of just a few of the many magazine back issues available at Lunch Time Shopper - Hot Rod, Road & Track, Motor Trend, Life, Time, National Geographic, Saturday Evening Post, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated and American Rifleman.

Nonfiction Books
Nonfiction Books

A Non-fiction Book is the form of any account, story, or other tasteful work whose assertions and descriptions are understood to be based on fact.

Biographies, blueprints, essays, diaries, diagrams, documentaries, histories, journals, photographs, scientific papers, textbooks, travel books, technical documentation, user manuals, are all common examples of non-fiction work.

New and Used Textbook
New and Used Textbook

Many college students complain about the high price of textbooks. They blame publishers for price gouging and complain that extensive edition changes require them to purchase new books all too often.

Publishers argue that textbooks are expensive to produce and they do all they can to keep costs down. However, the demand for thick paper, hardbound covers and full-color pictures keeps costs high. For most students then, the answer is to buy Used Textbooks and to sell back for as a high a price as possible.

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