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Find Your Digital Camera is Here! At Lunch Time Shopper we have all the brand names you've been searching for in a digital camera, like Canon PowerShot, Nikon CoolPix, Sony Cybershot, Kodak EasyShare, Olympus Camedia, and Fuji FinePix. All at great prices you will like. Browse through our very large selection of Cameras, Photography Equipment and Digital Cameras. Choose a category, and you might find the digital camera you have been searching for - brand new and conveniently bundled with accessories.


Camcorders are relatively inexpensive, extremely high resolution, fast processing high quality recorders and some are equipped with a LCD monitor. A Camcorder is basically just another name for a portable video camera and can be either tape based or digital. Regardless of your ultimate camcorder choice, make sure to purchase enough memory to store critical data.

Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras became popular in the 1990s when digital technology had progressed to a level that allowed small, relatively inexpensive image capture devices to be put on the market. These new cameras were similar to old film cameras that used light sensitive film. Digital Cameras translate an image into digital information that can be cropped and edited with software.

Popular Digital Cameras include Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony.

Flashes & Flash Accessories
Flashes & Flash Accessories

A Flash is a device used in photography that will produce a flash of artificial light at the right time for that perfect image. Flash units have evolved from single use flashbulbs to automatic electronic flash units discharging light.

Flash Accessories includes flash adapters, flash brackets, flash diffusers and sync cords.

Lenses and Filters
Lenses and Filters

A Camera Lens is an optical lens. Lenses or a series of lenses are used along with a camera body to make images on photographic film or on electronic media.

An Optical Filter is inserted in the optical path of a camera lens to filter or modify the images. You can find both Camera lenses and Camera filter here.

Camera Bag and Photo Accessories
Camera Bag and Photo Accessories

Camera & Photo Accessories include accessory bundles, batteries, battery grips, cables & adapters, camcorder tapes & discs, camera & camcorder lights, cases, bags & covers, chargers & cradles, cleaning equipment & kits, LCD Hoods, memory cards, memory card cases, memory card readers & adapters, microphones, photo albums & storage, remotes & shutter releases, screen protectors, straps & hand grips, underwater cases & housings and view finders & eyecups.

Studio Lighting
Studio Lighting

Studio Lighting is a fundamental part of picture taking and photography. Photographers use artificial light and sometimes taking advantage of the natural light to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Categories in Lighting & Studio at Lunch Time Shopper includes background material, continuous lighting, flash lighting, light controls & modifiers, light meters, light stands & booms, light stand & boom accessories, props & stage equipment, shooting tables & light Tents.

Film Cameras
Film Photography & Film Cameras

Categories in Film Photography the popular film cameras and film. Plus the following digital backs, film backs & holders, lens boards, motor drives & winders, movie cameras, movie camera accessories, movie editing equipment, darkroom & developing items, range finder units and slide & movie projection.

Tripods & Supports
Tripods & Supports

If you're a professional photographer or videographer, we have the Tripods for you. All of our tripods and supports hold your camera firmly and offer maximum stability to keep your camera from shaking.

Categories include tripods & supports, tripods & monopods, Stabilizers, tripod heads and other parts & accessories.

Binoculars and Telescopes
Binoculars and Telescopes

Binoculars, in its simplest definition are magnification instruments. Shop here for Binoculars & Monoculars plus binocular cases & accessories.

Telescopes are an arrangement of lenses or mirrors that gathers visible light, permitting direct observation of distant objects. Shop here for Telescopes, telescope parts & accessories.

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