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Are you looking to expand your Coin, Paper Money or Token and Medal collection? At Lunch Time Shopper you can find the largest selection of popular and hard to find coins, tokens and medals.

US Coins
U.S. Coins

The first United States Mint established by Congress in 1792 and new coins have been produced annually since then.

Today coins in circulation include cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, halves and dollars. Also minted are gold, silver, platinum and commemorative collector coins. Prior years included half cents, large cents, two cents, three cents, half dimes and twenty cents. Gold coins include $1, $2.50 Quarter Eagles, $3, $4, $5 Half Eagle, $10 Eagle and $20 Double Eagle.

U. S. Coins are a good investment as they increase in value every year and are always worth at least their face value.


Bullion is a mass quantity of a purified precious metal such as gold, platinum, silver, osmium, palladium and iridium.

Certain events shake up the stock market and investor interest in gold and silver bullion rises significantly.

Including coins made for the collector market that contain a large percentage of precious metals such as American Eagle gold and silver Proof Coins.

US Paper
U.S. Paper

Most collectors concentrate on U. S. Paper Money that is no longer in circulation such as large note issued between 1862 and 1923 and come in a range of denominations.

Another type is National Bank notes issued by over 14,000 local banks between 1863 and 1935. Yet another is fractional currency issued in the mid 1800s due to a shortage of coins. Silver and gold certificates, Confederate notes and Colonial paper money are also popular.

Federal Reserve Bank Notes, issued until 1971 and today's Federal Reserve Note are also available here.

Canadian Coins

Canadian Coins

Canadian Coins are coins that are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and issued in dollars and cents. Other than the $2.00 coin called the Toonie, the denominations of Canadian coins correspond to those of United States coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint was founded On January 2, 1908 and the first domestically produced coin was struck by Governor General Earl Grey at Ottawa. It was a 1908 fifty cent piece.

In 2007 The Royal Canadian Mint produced the largest coin in the world, it was a 100 kg 99.999% pure $1 million gold bullion coin.

World Coins
World Coins

Our World Coin's for sale will serve the needs of both novice and advanced collector. Our list cover over 200 years of unusual world coinage with photographs, denominations, mint marks and metal.

Find World Coins from Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North & Central America and South America plus commemorative coins, world coin errors, gold coins, mint sets, proof sets, collections & lots.

Few collectibles combine as much history with so much beauty as World Coins.

World Paper
World Paper

World Paper Money is desirable for its colorful design. You can find here a variety of world currency including notes issued by governments and private banks.

Many collectors of world paper money look for interesting art work, scenes or portraits known as a vignette that appear on the note.

Much of the world paper money that collectors seek is obsolete money.

Ancient Coins
Ancient Coins

Coins have been around for more than 3,000 years. Around 630 BC in what is now Turkey, coins were minted on gold and silver blanks with marks that indicated there weight and purity. These Ancient Coins were considered the world's first coins and also depicted a ruler and a lions head.

Around 600 BC the island of Aegina minted the first Greek coin. Next came the Romans in 269 BC where they produced coins in gold, silver and bronze.

Medieval Coins
Medieval Coins

Medieval Coins from the middle ages were mostly light, had irregular rounded shapes, different weights and different designs. Some would call them crude. Kings and Barons in most of Europe, Asia, Islamic, Persian and India made Medieval Coins in order to pay their armies and to pay for imported items.

The most valuable Medieval Coins are made of gold and silver. In some area's only copper coins were used.

Tokens & Medals

A Token can be defined as a piece of stamped metal used as a substitute of currency. Others describe a token as a piece of durable material appropriately marked and unofficially issued for monetary, advertising and other services.

Trade tokens are the most popular and they were used at plantations, Lumber Companies, saloons, pool halls and even houses of ill-repute. Exonumia is the category described here and also includes Medals, Encased Coins, Elongated Coins and Tax tokens.

Coin Supplies
Coin Supplies

Coin Supplies & Publications - Coins, Tokens and Medals can be stored in something as simple as a paper envelope to a special album. A tin can in your back yard is not a good place to store your collection of coins. Coins should be stored well protected against elemental damage, such as humidity, light exposure and dirt.

Find reference books here! The most popular is known as the Whitman Red Book of US Coins "Guide Book of United States Coins". Whitman has published the Red Book every year since 1946.

Stock Certificates & Bonds
Stock Certificates & Bonds

Scripophily is the collecting of old stock certificates, bond certificates and financial documents. Many old stock certificates and bonds are beautifully engraved similar to the engraving done on our United States paper money.

Popular items include Railroad stock certificates, certificates autographed by a famous person and historical events. Prices for stocks and bonds may vary widely from seller to seller.

gold nuggets
Other Coins and Paper

Not just Gold and Silver. There are many coin related, token related, estate sale coins, paper and more. Find silver rounds here.

Popular searches include gold, silver, coins, silver bullion, error coins, silver dollars, silver tokens, gold coins 1 oz, silver bar, silver eagle, gold nugget.

Also available here are Bitcoins. A Bitcoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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