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Are you a Stamp collector looking for U.S., World and Rare collectible stamps and covers? At Lunch Time Shopper you can find both used and unused collectible stamps from the United States and countries all over the world. We also have stamp supplies to protect your stamp collection so they last longer and stay in mint condition. Find the latest Scott Stamp catalog and other publications.

United States Stamps
United States Stamps

The first postal services began in 1639 by serving the American colonies in Boston, with service from Boston to New York in 1672. United States City Despatch Post issued the first stamps about 1842.

Today the United States Postal Service is a large organization providing all kinds of services including providing United States Stamps to collectors.

Australian Stamps
Australian Stamps

The very first Australian Stamp ever issued was printed in 1850 in New South Wales and shortly after that Australia put out a series of stamps with values ranging from one half cent to two pounds. The first widespread use of Australia stamps began in 1913. In December of 1937 Australia was the very first country to issue specialty Christmas stamps.

Today the Australian government produces over one billion new stamps and more than one million Australians consider themselves serious stamp collectors.

Canadian Stamps
Canadian Stamps

Canada Stamps and their history starts in the 1700s with first French control of the country then the British. Very few Canadian stamps exist from these periods including the periods up to the mid 1800s.

The Province of Canada began issuing stamps in 1851 when they issued three pence beaver shown on the left with a beaver in a oval frame.

Bermuda Stamps
Commonwealth and British Colonial Stamps

British Commonwealth Stamps and British Colonial Stamps consist of almost 80 member states and their stamps from Ascension Island to Zanzibar.

A beautiful stamp from Bermuda is shown at the left and you can find this British Commonwealth stamps here at Lunch Time Shopper.

UK Great Britain Stamps
The United Kingdom of Great Britain Stamps

The Penny Black (left), was the world's first official adhesive postage stamp. It was issued by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on May 1, 1840. This stamp is affordable and a must for any Stamp Collector!

The postal history of the United Kingdom is famous for the introduction of postage stamps and for the establishment of a capable postal system throughout the British Empire, laying the foundation of many national systems in existence today.

African Stamps
African Stamps

African Stamps consist of over 20 states including Algeria, Botswana, Congo, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Senegal, Togo and South Africa. Find more African stamps here at Lunch Time Shopper.

The Republic of South Africa, previously The Union of South Africa, is a country located at the southern tip of Africa and issued this beautiful stamp in 1910. There are two types for this issue, blue with a white surface and deep blue with a blued surface.

Asia Stamps
Asian Stamps

The largest stamps on record was issued by China measuring 210 mm x 65 mm and is considered an oddity. All told thousands of different kinds of Asian stamps are in public use and private collections.

Asian Stamps were issued by the following Asian states Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

European Stamps
European Stamps

Prior to the 1850s, European postal services were by and large local and Post Offices charged the senders by distance traveled. Early postal systems systems were not that efficient except for the British with their one penny stamp. By the 1870s European nations renovated their own stamp delivery systems called The Universal Postal Union to mirror that of the British.

During the first world war and World War II the European system failed and was restarted in the early 1950s. The European nations signed what became known as the Treaty of Rome and issued a set of 13 stamps designed to meet the needs of Europe's citizens. Find all European Stamps here.

Peru Stamps
Latin American Stamps

You can find Latin American Stamps from at least 12 different countries including Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Acquiring stamps from Haiti and Cuba can be extremely tough.

Latin American countries have produced thousands of stamps since the middle 1800s and you can find them here at Lunch Time Shopper including misprints, errors, or pieces with political significance.

Middle East Stamps
Middle East Stamps

Stamps of the Middle East date back to the 1850 when England issued its first stamp. Kings of the Middle East quickly did away with private courier services and set up their own postal systems and adopting adhesive stamps.

Many Middle East Stamps were produced to sell to international collectors printed by private international printers.

Topical & Specialty Stamps
Topical & Specialty Stamps

Topical & Specialty Stamps include the following categories Animation & Cartoons, Art & Fine Art, Black Heritage, Building & Architecture, Christmas & Other Holidays, Cinderella's, Fakes & Reproductions, Famous People, Flags & National Emblems, Flora, Fauna, Nature, Maxi Cards, Olympics, Organizations, Sports, Transportation & Space, War, World Errors, Freaks and Oddities

Find thousands of Topical & Specialty Stamps here at Lunch Time Shopper.

Scott Stamp Catalog
Publications & Supplies

The United States Scott Catalog was founded by J. W. Scott who was a stamp dealership in New York City during the 1860s. The Scott catalog is the most popular stamp collecting catalog in the world. This comprehensive catalog contains a list of information on stamp design, denomination and value. The Scott catalog claims to list every foreign and U.S. stamp in existence and is over 5,000 pages.

Publications & Supplies include Albums, Magnifiers & Loupes, Memorabilia, Mounts & Hinges, Protective Envelopes, Publications and Watermark Detectors.

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